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[ I've been crawling in the dark looking for the answer ]

Is there something more than what I've been handed?

Takeshi Ippongi
24 November

Name: Ippongi, Takeshi.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Profession: Old Rose Town Gym Trainer

Notable Possessions: Nothing yet, besides the cards he's forced to carry from the gym.
Badges Collected: None. He doesn't have any interest in collecting badges at the moment.
Favourite Pokemon: He likes Eevees for their versatility, but is actually a big fan of Latios/Latias and their legend.

Appearance: Tall, blond, nicely toned, he spends long hours at the gym working out his frustrations. He stands just under six feet at 5'11, with pale skin, and dark brown eyes.
Personality: Inwardly, Ippongi is a nice guy, but he's not always quick to showing it. Trying to be tough and constantly trying to prove himself makes it difficult to get that across, and the pressure of fitting into the mold he's assigned to gets to him and triggers his temper more than enough. He's also very stubborn and also appears dimwitted at times, but this is mainly because he misses out on the bigger picture. He gets jealous easily, especially around psychics like Yasushi, and takes his aggravation out via a wall or punching bag. In other words, he's given himself quite a complex, and is desperate to prove himself, even though he feels like it's all for naught.
Hometown: Old Rose Town

History: Ippongi was born to a young couple, the oldest child of two, and had a relatively normal childhood. However, there was one major issue that followed him through most of his existence: his mother was a psychic, which meant that one of her children should also be as well. Though his sister was thought to be the one with the special talent, it turns out that the ability was sensed in Takeshi. Despite the special training he received growing up however, he was unable to awaken it in himself, and became frustrated and more prone to fighting with others when word spread about the 'failed' psychic child. This lead him to be more and more frustrated with himself, but his mother never lost faith with him. She got him a position in the Old Rose gym as a trainer, hoping that the atmosphere would help develop his powers further and hearing that they've taken in many psychics-in-training over time. Takeshi hates it, and gives everyone a hard time, though it's mostly because he's jealous and frustrated that his powers haven't surfaced yet.

Extra: Takeshi is a psychic, but his powers have yet to emerge. Other psychics can sense it in him, though. When they do emerge, he'll have the usual bag of goodies most psychics have, though probably not all at once: clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, teleporting, etc. Or maybe it'll hit him all at once, and he won't be able to control it. We'll see.